Theatre Arts

BA in Theatre Arts

About the degree

You’ll have a choice between two concentrations when earning a BA in Theatre Arts: Community Engagement or Theatre Studies.

Both include training in core classes including acting, costume, lighting and scenic design, as well as script analysis, theatre history and literature. As a first-year student, you’ll take beginning acting, voice and production courses, and fundamentals of design. Second-year students take courses in theatre history, dramatic literature and script analysis.

The Community Engagement concentration features courses that prepare students to use theatre to work with institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches and not-for-profit organizations. You’ll complete an internship in which you’ll develop or assist in creating a community-based theatre project.

The Theatre Studies concentration offers a menu of classes through which you’ll gain a broad background in all of the elements of theatre practice and study, including theatre management. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to pursue a higher degree such as an MA in Theatre History or an MFA in Dramaturgy, Theatre Criticism or Theatre Management. The liberal arts foundation of the BA prepares you to enter a variety of professional fields both within and outside the arts such as opportunities in communication-centered corporate fields as well as organizational and management positions in national, regional and local professional theatre companies and non-profits.

As a true liberal arts degree, you’ll be well versed in all of the disciplines within theatre arts. You’ll have room in your schedule to pursue the academic aspects of the discipline. Both concentrations are highly customizable to suit your interests and career goals.

Auditions and portfolios are not required for this degree.

Student experiences

Students often participate in the East Carolina Theatre Association and other student-led groups such as Fifth Street Players, SWISH Improv, Reader’s Theatre and other special projects both on-stage and behind the scenes.


How do I learn more about this degree?

Contact Jen-Scott Mobley at or 252-757-4366.


Jen-Scott Mobley, theatre history and dramaturgy/Theatre Arts coordinator

Jeffrey Woodruff, theatre management