Upcoming auditions for the 2023-2024 Season


As we approach the end of the semester, our General Auditions loom ahead. Please take time to read the following info VERY CAREFULLY AND ENTIRELY as some things have changed since our last audition process.


Generals Auditions will be held:

Date: Sunday, December 3rd

Time: 12:00pm – 4:40pm

Location: Acting and Singing Auditions – Messick 206 (205 will be the check-in/holding room)

General Dance Call Sessions – McGinnis (McGinnis lobby will be check-in/holding room)


You will notice, we are now adding a dance call to our General Audition Process for those auditioning for musicals. This means for that group of people, there are now TWO things you need to sign up for on Audition Day:

  1. Acting/Singing time slot (time slots are 20 minutes long and these auditions will be held in Messick 206)
  2. General Dance Call time slot (time slots are 30 minutes long and dance calls will be held in McGinnis)

***Please make sure that your two slots do NOT overlap, and that you give yourself a reasonable amount of time between the two so that you can comfortably make it to your second holding room to check in before your time slot starts


*** If you are NOT auditioning for the musicals, you are NOT required to sign up for or attend the General Dance Call.


Audition Form:

Please take a few minutes to fill out the audition form at this link. This form is VERY important for EVERYONE to fill out as our directors use this to understand your schedule conflicts, comfort level with intimacy and fight choreography, and willingness to change your appearance. If we do not have the appropriate info from you beforehand, you run the risk of directors not seeing your info and therefore not casting you out of an abundance of caution. You are required to fill out the audition form by Friday, December 1st @ 5pm.


Call backs:

Each show will have its own night of callbacks. Requirements for each callback will be sent at a later date, but please note the callback schedule:

Company – Sunday 12/3, 6:30-10:30pm (Yes, these callbacks are on the SAME DAY as Generals!)

Polkadots – Monday 12/4, 6:30-10:30pm

The Play That Goes Wrong – Tuesday 12/5, 6:30-10:30pm


Show Information:

Please take a look at the dates for these shows to ensure that you are available and understand the depth of commitment we are asking of you if cast. 



Company – Performed in McGinnis

Rehearsal – January 8th – February 13th

Weekdays @ 7-10:30pm (Friday rehearsals TBD)

Sun. @ 2-7pm

Tech & Dress Rehearsals – February 14th – February 20th

Performances – February 21st – 25th

Photo Call – Saturday, February 24th (GO at 1pm)



Polkadots – Performed in Wright Auditorium & additional touring dates TBA

Rehearsal – January 29th March 14th

Weekdays @ 7-10:30pm (Friday rehearsals TBD)

Sun. @ 2-7pm

Tech & Dress Rehearsals – March 17th – 21st

Performances – Friday, March 22nd @ 10am & 7pm

Photo Call – Friday, March 22nd after morning performance



The Play That Goes Wrong – Performed in McGinnis

Rehearsal – February 26th April 8th

Weekdays @ 7-10:30 (Friday rehearsals TBD)

Sun. @ 2-7pm

Tech & Dress Rehearsals – April 9th – 16th

Performances – April 17th – 21st

Photo Call – Saturday, April 20th (GO at 1pm)



A few notes on audition requirements: 

*All performance majors are required to audition unless otherwise told by your program head that you are excused. Please contact your program head immediately if you have concerns about being cast next semester.

*Non-musical theatre majors are not required to audition for the musicals or attend the general dance call, but you are strongly encouraged to do so. 

*Musical Theatre majors are required to audition with a musical piece.

What to prepare?

*If you are auditioning for all three shows and/or are an MT major, you should prepare 1 song cut of approximately 32 bars and a 45-second monologue. You will have a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete your audition. This time includes your slate. Please print your cut of music and arrange it in a way that makes it easy for the accompanist to play from it. We will not be accommodating digital accompaniment.

*If you are auditioning for the play (The Play That Goes Wrong) ONLY, please prepare 2 contrasting monologues, each about 45 seconds in length. You will have a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete your audition. This time includes your slate. You are not required to attend the General Dance Call if you are ONLY auditioning for The Play That Goes Wrong.

*Please note that if you go over your allotted 1min, 30 second time limit, you will be cut off with a “Thank you!” by the stage manager. If this happens and you are still in the middle of your material, you are expected to stop and give the stage to the next auditionee.

*Hard copies of each play will be placed in the workroom (Messick 107) and digital copies have been placed in a module in each of the Theatre Performance, Dance, and Design & Production Canvas pages.  This is so you can read the plays to fully understand what you are auditioning for and how best to audition for it!

Notes on Content:

Don’t worry about choosing material that is show-specific. Use material that allows you to make clear, strong character choices and shows you off in the best capacity possible. Keep monologues within your age range (+/- 5 years). You do not have to choose material that fits the genre of the show. You can if you like, but it is not necessary—we’d rather you choose something that you feel good with. However, please DO NOT use material from the show(s) for which you are auditioning. 

Who will be in the room?

In addition to the directors, musical directors, and choreographers for the shows we are casting, all theatre performance faculty and stage management faculty will be present during auditions. On the audition form you are required to fill out, there is a question regarding feedback. If you would like to receive written feedback on your audition from performance faculty, you can check the box accordingly. Please note that feedback will be given by performance faculty who are NOT working in the capacity of director, music director, or choreographer for the shows being cast this semester. However, after casting is completed, you are welcomed to reach out to directors, music directors, or choreographers to get individual feedback on your audition.


If you have questions about the sign-up form or the audition form, please email Courtney Rasor at 

If you have any other questions about auditions, please email Bryan Conger at 

A copy of this announcement can be found on our virtual callboard homepage here: Virtual Callboard


For the most updated information on SOTD productions

Virtual Callboard


Directing Projects

There are no audition announcements at this time.



Other Projects

The Shakespeare Guild at ECU is elated to announce auditions for our upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Auditions will be held on Monday, January 8th and virtual auditions will be accepted for those involved with Company. Callbacks will be the following Wednesday, January 10th. Rehearsals will start February 26th and our performance dates are April 12th and 13th.

For the audition, please have prepared two contrasting monologues of heightened text- not from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Together, the monologues should not exceed two minutes.

Unfortunately, those cast in The Play That Goes Wrong and Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical will not be able to participate due to schedule conflicts.