Stage Management

BFA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Stage Management

We also offer an 18-credit minor in Stage Management.

About the concentration

When you study stage management, you will sharpen the skills you need to deliver flawless performances on our stages and beyond.

On the set of “night, Mother”
URCA Grant Student Production

As a first-year student, you’ll learn the language of design and production. You’ll study costuming, lighting, scenery and sound design. You’ll focus and hang lights, sew costumes, learn color theory, paint techniques and how to build a flat. You’ll learn scheduling and time management. As your knowledge deepens in the program, you’ll progressively add more complicated projects to your portfolio. While earning practicum credit, you’ll serve as an Assistant Stage Manager or Stage Manager, often first with an ECU Storybook Theatre production—a children’s title that tours.

Ultimately, you’ll have the opportunity to work as an equal with faculty members, running production meetings and coordinating the needs of the director and the production staff.

As a professional preparatory program, ECU follows Actors Equity Association rules in terms of rehearsal protocols. You’ll be in charge of vital production paperwork. You’ll generate reports. More than just knowing every piece of the puzzle, you’ll make certain that the pieces come together to support the production. You’ll be responsible for cast and crew safety. You’ll follow up from rehearsal reports to deliver answers regarding notes from the director.

Before you graduate, you’ll earn six production credits on ECU/Loessin Playhouse productions, with ECU Storybook Theatre and on student projects.

You’ll be well prepared to begin a professional career in stage management.

Student experiences

When you’re not working on an ECU/Loessin Playhouse production, you might stage manage a student, workshop production, an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity award project or work with another student group.


How do I learn more about the program?

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