Musical Theatre Auditions

Admission to the program is competitive and requires

To enter the program for the 2024-2025 academic year, high school seniors and transfer students seeking admission should:

Apply by 5:00 pm on



Virtual 2/17/2024 On-Campus 2/24/2024


What happens after I submit my audition?

Rehearsal for “Songs for a New World”
2020-2021 Season

Video auditions through will be reviewed by faculty and students may be invited to a callback auditions. Callbacks will take place in-person on ECU’s campus in February 2024 (exact date TBA). Attending the in-person callback is highly recommended, but if you are unable to attend in-person, there will be a virtual callback announced.


How do I enter the program as a high school senior or a transfer student?

Applications and digital video samples uploaded to are reviewed in the order received. The earlier you apply, the sooner we can evaluate your work and respond to you. Additionally, the earlier you apply, the better we can accommodate your scheduling preferences for the campus audition appointment.

All selected incoming freshmen or transfer students are assured a seat in the BFA Musical Theatre program; however, pre-accepted status is provisional. Students must successfully pass a progress evaluation jury at the end of the first year to continue in the program.


How do I enter the program as an ECU student?

Current ECU students who have been accepted provisionally into the Musical Theatre program and BFA candidates in other concentration areas who seek an audition for program entrance in the fall semester must submit a complete audition application through


Is there a cost for auditioning for the program?

ECU requires an application fee. There is also a $30 fee to use Acceptd to submit your audition video. If you have concerns about being able to pay that fee, please contact the Musical Theatre program coordinator at 


What should I do to prepare for the audition?

For the digital video samples please prepare:

  • Singing– Two songs: A ballad and an up-tempo selection. Both song selections of your choice must be from musicals. You are encouraged to select songs that demonstrate your ability/potential to sing in both a historic or “legit” style and in a contemporary pop/belt style. Our program emphasizes the ability to skillfully transition between historic and contemporary musical theatre styles, so demonstrating this in your audition will be advantageous.
  • Acting– One monologue from a play, film or monologue book that demonstrates your current skill level/potential as an actor. The monologue should last no more than 60 seconds. Choose a piece (comic or serious) that is appropriate for your age and type.
  • Dance sample– If you dance, and it is among your primary performance strengths, please include a simple combination of steps that shows your skill level in any of several areas of dance: jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern and/or ballet.

    “Head Over Heels” 2021-2022 Season
    Photo by Cliff Hollis


What do we look for in the video samples?

School of Theatre and Dance faculty with expertise in singing, dancing and acting will evaluate prospective students in these areas during the audition. At ECU, we strive to attract and train “triple threat” performers who are equally skilled in singing, dancing and acting, while at the same time recognizing that not all prospective students excel equally in each area. We expect that students will excel in at least one of the three areas and show promise for advancement in the other two. The following questions guide us:

  • Is the auditioning student singing clearly and on pitch? Is s/he making the effort to communicate with the audience/observer?
  • Is there a contrast in character and vocal quality/style between the two songs?
  • Diction: Are the lyrics of the songs specific, clear and easily understood?
  • Is the auditioning student singing AND acting the songs?
  • Are the acting choices effective and believable? Has the prospective student created specific character choices with the audition selections?
  • Is the monologue well-prepared and an appropriate selection for the actor?
  • Is the acted text easily understood? Does the actor understand each piece and perform them in an accurate style?
  • Live audition: Does the student appear open to direction and/or feedback?
  • Does the student show potential for a professional career in musical theatre upon graduation?


Is a dance evaluation required?

Yes. A dance evaluation is required of all prospective Musical Theatre students. Prospective students with no training in dance need not be intimidated by this evaluation. We are evaluating for both movement/dance potential and for skill level of those with previous dance training/experience.


May I audition for more than one program?

“Mamma Mia!” 2022 Summer Theatre
Photo by Cliff Hollis

Yes, you may audition for the BFA in Theatre Arts with concentrations in Professional Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre for Youth and Theatre Arts Education with one audition video. If you’d like to audition for Musical Theatre, please submit a Musical Theatre audition, and indicate the other concentrations in which you are interested on your application. If you would like to audition for Theatre for Youth and not Musical Theatre, please submit a Theatre for Youth audition and indicate the other areas in which you are interested on your application.


How many students are admitted into the program?

Between 10 and 14 students are admitted to this program annually.


How do I learn more about the musical theatre program?

Contact Musical Theatre Area Coordinator: Jessica Doyle-Mekkes 252-737-2441