Actor Training Auditions

Admission to the program is competitive and requires

To enter the program for the 2024-2025 academic year, high school seniors and transfer students seeking admission should:

Apply by 5:00 pm on

January 15, 2024

For Auditions on

February 24, 2024

How do I audition for pre-acceptance into the Acting Program?

Submit your audition and program application at our Acceptd page by January, 15 2024. In-person auditions and interviews will take place on campus in February 2024. If you are unable to attend in-person auditions, virtual auditions/interviews will take place in February 2024. It is strongly advised that you visit campus for the in-person auditions.

Virtual Callbacks – February 17, 2024

In-House Auditions for Current Students – February 23, 2024

Campus Callbacks for Prospective Students – February 24, 2024

What should I prepare for the audition?

Rehearsal for “The Visit”
2021-2022 Season

Please prepare a video audition of two monologues of contrasting styles. Both monologues should not exceed 90 seconds combined. Choose monologues from characters that are roughly the same age as you (teens to 20s), and that will allow you to demonstrate your range as a performer.

Each monologue should be filmed/uploaded as a separate piece of media. Slates should be done at the beginning of each video that include your name, play title, and playwright’s name. If you are auditioning for the Theatre for Youth program, you are welcome to use that monologue as one of your two.

You will submit video auditions via our Acceptd page by January 2024. 

In-person auditions will be held February 2024, with a virtual option in February 2024, as well, for those who cannot attend in-person auditions. Auditions will include an interview with faculty.

Is there a cost for auditioning for the program?

ECU requires an application fee. There is also a $30 fee to use Acceptd to submit your audition video. If you have concerns about being able to pay that fee, please contact the Theatre Area Coordinator, Bryan Conger,

When will I know the results of the audition?

Within two weeks of the callback date, you will receive written notification (email or US mail) of the results of your audition. Your audition will result in one of the following:

  • Early acceptance into the Acting program
  • Recommended for the program, but not accepted. This status means that we think you have strong potential for development and encourage you to attend ECU and begin coursework in preparation to audition again for acceptance in your freshman year.
  • Not recommended for this program.

If I’m granted pre-accepted status, am I guaranteed a spot in the Acting class?

The pre-acceptance is “provisional” and dependent upon your continued professionalism and dedication to your classes, rehearsals, crews, and workshops in your freshman year and beyond. We don’t have a mandatory cut policy for our BFA program, and we sincerely hope that all admitted students are successful in completing the degree.  However, unprofessional behavior, an inability to adhere to the standards, or poor academic performance can result in your being cut from the BFA program at any time during your training.

How many students are admitted into the program?

We admit a maximum of 14 students annually. The competition is high, as there are many more students who audition than can be admitted.

What acting technique is taught?

ECU is unique in that it is one of only a handful of undergraduate institutions that teaches the Sanford Meisner technique of acting — one of the most effective methods for instilling in actors an organized and practical approach to the creation of real and truthful behavior within the imaginary circumstances of the theatre.

When do I start taking acting classes?

Your Sophomore year. In your Freshman year, you will take the pre-requisite classes that form the foundation for your Meisner training.  These classes include THEA 1010 (Beginning Acting I), THEA 2015 (Voice and Articulation), and THEA 1020 (Beginning Acting II). In the spring semester of your freshman year, there will be a juried evaluation of your work to ensure your continuation in the program.

Can I audition for productions as a Freshman?

Kate Hamill’s Pride & Prejudice
2022-2023 Season
Photo by John Dixon

Yes. In fact, freshmen are strongly encouraged to audition for all season, theatre for new audiences, and workshop productions.

How do I audition for the program if I’m a Transfer Student?

Depending on the classes that you took at your previous institution, you may be granted an audition for pre-acceptance with the High School Seniors, or for immediate acceptance with the current freshman. The pre-requisite classes (THEA 1010, THEA 2015, and THEA 1020) need to be completed before beginning training, but if similar classes were taken at another institution, those credits may transfer. If you have any questions, contact the Theatre Area Coordinator, Bryan Conger,

May I audition for more than one program?

Yes, you may audition for the BFA in Theatre Arts with concentrations in Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre for New Audiences and Theatre Arts Education with one audition video. If you’d like to audition for Musical Theatre, please submit a Musical Theatre audition, and indicate the other concentrations in which you are interested on your application. If you would like to audition for Theatre for New Audiences and not Musical Theatre, please submit a Theatre for New Audiences audition and indicate the other areas in which you are interested on your application.

How do I learn more about the program?

Contact the Theatre Area Coordinator Bryan Conger: 252-737-5027